You put what on your _______???

There are a lot of ways you can ruin your running experience – lack of training, dehydration, staying up too late or  eating sausage and peppers the night before a run. One topic that most people don’t think about, don’t even know about when embarking on a running regiment, is Chafing.

Did you say ‘chafing?’

Yep. This is an ugly secret that no one likes to talk about it. But head out to a local marathon and camp out anywhere from mile 16 and on. You will be bound to see at least one poor bastard with bloody nipples.

body glide

Body Glide – this is what I use. Great stuff. You can slather it anywhere you might chafe. Where you say? Anywhere. You’d be surprised what’s’ a rubbing and a chaffing’ while putting on the miles. Personally my use is centered around 2 spots – nipples and inner thighs. When your shirt gets wet it gets heavy. When you run your clothes move around. Wet shirt + the up/down of running will make your shirt move up and down over your body. This causes frictions on anything not flush or smooth. My first marathon included bloody nipples. And it’s not just the unseemly look, it really hurts during and after. Also, the inner thighs tend to rub a bit, but this may vary depending on your girth.


Vaseline – this will work the same as Body Glide except it will most likely leave an oily stain on shirts and shorts. Good in a pinch.


Band-aids – this works great for the nipples, but beware that after many miles & sweat they may come off. Also, beware the post race removal – if you are a guy this can mean extracting a lot of chest hair. Also, a variation on this is a product called nip guards – basically a custom band-aid sized to cover just the nipple. Will eliminate the potential for ripping out chest hair.

In a pinch – clear/gel underarm deodorant – that is my MacGyver tip for the day. It works. Also, you could use a chapstick tube in a pinch. I’ve also done that, it works.

Good luck, keep running and get those feet on the road.


About Feet on the Road
Avid runner, looking to share what I've learned from trial and error.

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