Bibs, belts and safety pins

So it’s race day, the big event is here. Your pumping up for a 1/2 marathon or a full 26.2 miler. As  you get to the start line you realize a couple of potential scenarios:

  • There are 10,000 people running, how will I find family/friends at the finish?
  • I drove here, alone, not sure where to put my keys, DL and chapstick. Geez, this iPhone is big . . .
  • I bought this wicked cool shirt and don’t really want to put an ugly bib over it but need to display my number to be compliant.

The answer? I’d like to suggest you consider buying a spi-belt. Huh? What?

This is a great little tool. SpibeltI know it kind of looks like a min-fanny pack, but if you are planning on doing multiple events I highly recommend it. As you can see in the picture, this is a simple belt that has a small pouch/pocket. [Sorry if you find this photo odd or too sexed up – it is the best image from their site! I love the combo of spi-belt and sweatpants with ripped abs, odd combo of images. Check out their site, they have all sorts of variations. But just to be clear, you won’t find me wearing this thing outside of an actual running event.]

The pouch is made of a soft, thin fabric that stretches out a bit. You can certainly fit a cell phone, DL, chapstick, car keys and some money in there. The belt can be tightened up to reduce bounce while running.

Furthermore there are loops on it where you can hang your bib. Why? Maybe you have a rocking shirt design to show off. Maybe your running shirtless (either a guy or gal with sports bra), or plan on ditching the shirt later in the race if you heat up too much. Or perhaps you don’t want to put safety-pin holes in your shirt or shorts.

I have one. Or at least I had one. Bought last year, used in 2 marathons and 1 ultra. Couldn’t find it this year (although I didn’t look very hard, maybe 2 days before the race I said ‘hey honey, do you know where my spi-belt thing is . . . you know the belt thing I wore last year to hang my bib off of . . .’). I’ll look this week, if I can’t find it will probably pick a new one up at the Baltimore Running Festival next Friday, I’m doing the 1/2 marathon with a friend from NJ. Great place to store my cell phone so I call the wife, that finish area is a freaking zoo.

Good luck, keep running and get those feet on the road!


About Feet on the Road
Avid runner, looking to share what I've learned from trial and error.

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