Why Do You Run?

why What is your motivation? Is it for the glory of attaining something that seems impossible, like completing a marathon? Is it to become a ‘runner,’ to have your identity be partially formed as that of a ‘runner?’ Is it something deeper?

I run for two simple reasons:

  1. Health/fitness. I engage in a lot of exercise and view running as the foundation to my health. I want to ensure I am around as long as possible to not only enjoy life but be in the life of my children.
  2. Because I can.

The second reason sounds too obvious or silly as stated. But it connects to something deeper for me. My father had Multiple Sclerosis. He was diagnosed before I was even born. So it was always part of my life with him. I never saw him run. That sounds a bit melodramatic, because no one really laments not seeing a parent exercise. My point is that he couldn’t. I can. Therefore, I run for him. In memorial if you will.

runninginthedark Why do I get up at 5:30 AM, in February to run? Why do I log a 30 mile training run in preparation for an ultra? Why do it in the cold, in the dark, in the heat, in the wind? Because I can do it for both of us. The running keeps him present in my mind. It also helps connects two worlds that never met – my father and his grandchildren. I stay healthy and engage my children in ways that he would’ve. In ways that he couldn’t with me.

What gets you up and running? Find your reason, your anchor, your motivation and make it central to running. It will propel you forward, it will make you achieve new goals and personal records.

Good luck, keep running and get those feet on the road.

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