Try to achieve, anything is possible

Check out this video, it is amazing, mesmerizing and energizing. (The site I grabbed this from,, is currently one of my favorites. Every morning, 5 new videos, family friendly or at the very least SFW. Broad range of videos that are entertaining, education, thought-provoking or all of these.)


I would say that about 75% of the clips presented in that video are of normal folks, just like you and me. Okay, maybe the demographic trends a bit young. None the less, it shows everyday people doing amazing things. You can over analyze it to see the impossibilities (‘I don’t have time to practice that move 1,000 times,’ or ‘I’m too old to do gymnastics like that,’ or on and on).

My point is this – what in your running plan/goals/objectives are you doing that is amazing? If for no one else, yourself. What are you doing that when accomplished will make you say ‘wow, I can’t believe I did that.’ If you’ve already done something (ex. couch potato to 1/2 marathon in one year), then congratulations. Now what?

Watch it.

Share it.

Be inspired.

Find your next mountain to climb, and get cracking.

Good luck, get running and keep those feet on the road.

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