The Dread of Routine – Finding New Routes

Running shoes – check

Wicking clothes – check

Fuel belt – check

Running route – uhhhh . . . not sure. Or worse ‘I’ve run the same route for the last 2 months and I am sick of it!!!!’

Q: What’s a runner to do?  A: Tap into the interwebs or go local.

USATF – the USA Track & Field Association has a great tool for searching for existing routes or creating your own.
MAPMYRUN – Same functionality as the USATF site, pour through all the contributions others have made.
RULER Google Maps – DIY and really the same tool being used by the sites above.
Local running club – Google ‘running club’ or ‘striders’ and add your city, county or state name to the search string. You will most likely find a running club that is relatively near to where you live. It would certainly be a gold mine of info/ideas on new places to run as well as take your game up a notch by competing in a group. [This from the man who has talked about joining a running group for years . . . and still not joined one. Someday.]

Good luck, keep running and get those feet on the road!

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